What’s In a Name?

By Kari Stevenson

What does the author/publisher DO when they use WaveCloud?

I have spent my evening mulling over this question. WaveCloud supports, educates, connects, provides tools, facilitates, and assists you in your quest to be published. We help “bring the puzzle pieces together” you might say. So is there a word for that, specifically, a verb that you can use when you come to us?

Toying with a variety of ideas, I have looked at numerous verbs trying to determine if there is a right word for what WaveCloud provides. It’s not so easy to define.  It’s easy to define Who We Are:  An “ally.

We are your ally and you are ours. WaveCloud will guide and coach you through the process of becoming self published. You align with WaveCloud and we become your one-stop-shop with the resources you need. How’s that for service?

So what about the verb for What We Do? After reading what WaveCloud does, can you, the self publisher, think of a better term? I had originally considered the word partner but had moved away from it. WaveCloud does not take the credit a traditional business partner would take in a deal and I assumed the word would imply this to some. Would you dislike being called a partner in something that is solely your work? Even if it was not the traditional business partnership, but more of just a working one where we help but don’t profit? Would something else fit better? I told you I spent some time on this and yet I’m still unsure with what I’ve come up with.

I think perhaps it is a term that must be collaborated upon. Since WaveCloud works with you to provide a service, we need to work with you to come up with a term for what we do as well. Well known terms such as “googling” or “tweeting” did not come from anyone within the company (as far as I am aware) but from the users themselves. So maybe the greatest term for what WaveCloud does come from you rather than us?

We’re looking for a new verb.  One that implies offering all of the services of a publisher, but leaving the risk/reward aspect of publishing in the hands of the Author.  If you have a suggestion, please drop a comment for us.


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